In the villages visitors are delighted to stumble across family run businesses where customers are known by name, where the pub landlord grew up with the butcher who supplies his meat, where a local nursery just happens to hold the national collection of a rare type of flower, where you stop at a quiet inn for a bite to eat after a hearty morning’s walk only to discover its just received a rave review in a national paper.

A H Griffiths
High quality own-produced meats. Game in season. Homemade pies, sausages and burgers. Barbeque specials. Specialty meats and advice on cuts and cooking. Also at Bull Ring, Ludlow.

The Dyslexia Clinic, Buckton, Near Leintwardine
This consultancy offers professional dyslexia assessments with formal reports and covers a wide geographical area. One-to-one structured, multi-sensory tuition tailored to individual needs is provided for children/adults.

High Ground Coffees of Distinction
Throughout the world people have their own favourite coffee and their own favourite way of producing their perfect cup of coffee. It is not our wish at High Ground to attempt to introduce our coffees to the world but we do wish to introduce our range of coffees to both residents and visitors to Herefordshire.

The Village Green Stores and Post Office, Kingsland
Wide range of locally produced food and drink items – groceries, filled rolls and snacks, frozen meals available in these award winning premises, where personal attention is our aim.