Step Back in Time
The area has been described by the Council for the Protection of Rural England as one of the three most tranquil spots in the country. Yet it wasn’t always so. In Roman times Leintwardine was an important garrison town. Later on the medieval Marcher Lords, after whom Mortimer Country is named, were ruthless power brokers, making and breaking alliances with kings, and even seizing the English throne for themselves following the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross in 1461.

Wigmore castle

History moves on, and today the villages and families who lent their names to such famous London streets as Oxford, Harley and Wigmore are sought out instead by historians, walkers, cyclists, riders, wildlife enthusiasts and connoisseurs of fine food and wine, as well as lovers of music, literature and the arts. Geologists come for the world famous Aymestry beds, while sports fans enjoy first class rugby and cricket at the Luctonians’ ground in Kingsland.